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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

City Commision Meets Tonight at 7:30pm Library Liaison, Roads, Surveys, Public Safety, and More

City Commission  Agenda Package
Planning Commission 4pm Agenda Package

 A lot revisiting of old topics.

Discussion  of a Library Liaison  (Agenda item 16 ) is of note and discussed in previous post.

Also of note of is return of Colbalt  Communications. Hardy, McClure, and  Salloum favor resident surveys mailed to all residents. Mayor Zambricki wants information on the survey methodology. So City Manager made the call to Colbalt.  The first three (all women and and three out of five is first for the city)  have it right.
The Mayor wants to pop the hood and monkey around. It's really very simple. There are 3800 people in this City and if City Commission asks they will tell what they think. They will also be honored to have the opportunity to do so which means good vibes at election time. Third party surveys by outsiders that cost money (which seems to be a premium these days ) are bad vibes. Hardy, McClure, and Salloum. Interesting. Maybe the gals are taking over.

The Cell Phone tower people unless there is a last minute agenda item addition are again a "No Show". What they insist is so heck fire important for the community is now dragging into  it's sixth month. The commissioners have seen pictures of proposed sights. The residents have seen nothing except what  you read here.

The Agenda package is a lengthy 143 pages long. No need to speed read it before the meeting however.  We hit the highlights of new stuff and the rest you can read  in review.

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