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Saturday, November 19, 2011

November 3rd Bloomfield Hills School Board Meeting Updates

Herner Elected Secretary
At the recent Bloomfield Hills School Board meeting Trustee Robert Herner was elected Secretary assuming the duty held by the departed Trustee Kate Petterson. Herner a 2010 appointee to the board will run in for an elected term of office in 2012.

Andover 2012 Football Decision Imminent 
The fate of the Andover football will be decided by the end of December. District Athletic Director Mike Cowdrey decisions, told the board now “ decisions must be made now.” 
If the 2012 football program is to be cancelled  students who wish to transfer for athletic reasons must enrolled in their new school by the 1st day of the second semester which is early January. 
Current numbers as reported by Cowdrey are four returning seniors, and eight tenth graders for a total of 12.  An all-male school assembly produced 12 “commitments” from students not currently in the football program and twenty one “maybes.” Parents from the the Andover Touchdown Club hope to convert some of the maybe and their parents  into definites. 22 players are required to scrimmage at practices. The 2011 Team had 24. Thirty five players would be ideal.
The school board re-affirmed “It would do everything in its power to make sure Andover has a football team next fall.”

City of Bloomfield Hills Resident, 
 Assistant  Superintendent, Human Resources/Labor Relations.
Christen Barrnett, Assistant Superintendent presented the Board with a detailed summary of annual legal expenses for the district from 1977 to present day. In 2009-2010 the district spent a record               $337,458.62, This year’s number of $131,477.61 is substantially lower.  The lowest annual total during the time period considered was $43,806.65 in 1978-1979.
The above video We are going to be friends was presented by Laurie McCartney Assistant Superintendent  for Instruction as part of  Future Focus.  The video was created by White Stripes (Seven Nation Army) for the Deaf Professional Arts Network (D-Pan). It was filmed last summer at Hickory Grove and some Bloomfield Hills School students are in in it. The Bloomfield Hills School District  teaches seven spoken  languages (Latin, French, Spanish, German, Arabic, Japanese, and Chinese) and American Sign Language. Recently The Ohio State University added American Sign Language to it's curriculum and credits in ASL will count towards the university's language requirement.

School Buses
The Board also considered the recommendation of Brian Goby Director the District’s of Physical Plant Services to purchase one new special education school bus and four regular buses with a budget amount of $433,570.

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