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Monday, November 7, 2011

Library Historical Time Line. Part 5. 2009. The Forgotten Millage

Memory Jogger. Hills Highlights Spring 2009
When asked point blank by the Baldwin negotiating team, "What happened in the millage of 2009," Commissioner Pat Hardy and Commissioner Michael McCready were at a loss. This reporter, queried when the first two drew blanks, said he didn't know either. In 2009 I didn't pay attention to City Government.
Besides people who live beyond the City Limits of the City of Bloomfield Hills don't know about the dog years phenomena.

In dog years and sometimes in City Commission meetings one minute seems like seven. A three hour meeting becomes a 21 hour day and so forth and so on. 2009 (in canine company) was 14 years ago and how would anyone at a snap of a finger  remember what happened on in 1997.

Hypnosis and Deep regression meditation has however revived the following details in no particular order or significance from that year of long ago. The millage issue was a simple straight forward agreement between the City and the Township Library. The bandied about average household cost was $385 dollars. Commissioners David Kellet and Micheal McCready worked hard to get the deal, the first between the the library and the City since the 2003 break up. The Economy, which started falling apart the previous autumn, witnessed the bankruptcy of General Motors and Chrysler days before the election. Despite that the vote was close. 585 residents voted "No." 490 voted "Yes ." The difference was 90 votes. Had millage passed we would now be starting our third year of paying a household average of $385  or  $50 more than the amount requested in 2003 which prompted the break up and  $205 more than the current  $180 Baldwin Agreement.

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