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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Did Church Bells Ring in Birmingham ?

Birmingham,  did you really ring the church bells when the City of Bloomfield Hills Library Millage results were announced?  Someone said so but it could have been the wind or a “new” wives tale.  Perhaps a party planning to celebrate a rare Tuesday Midnight Wedding (In this day and age it is possible) forgot to set their clocks back and banging on the rectory door got the event moved up an hour.
  Who knows?  Regardless it seems residents of Birmingham were very interested in the outcome of our Library Millage Election. The passage gave City residents privileges at The Baldwin library, and the library funding for extended hours, Sunday openings, and new hires. City residents got the first part but didn’t know if it was the cat’s meow or even all that necessary to drive to the polls to express an opinion so we really didn’t really pay attention the second part.
As a result residents of the City of Bloomfield Hills were not prepared for the reaction they received on Wednesday from the residents of the City of Birmingham.  Pure unadulterated Glee comes close. There was back slapping, hugs, and even applause.
Many of the recipients of such appreciation, who voted “No” or failed to vote, may have found it necessary to play along long enough to get to the door. Even “yes “voters may have been reluctant to draw attention to themselves or to bask in the glow.
Being the object of interest is unlearned experience to most City residents. There is no “ham “in Bloomfield Hills. We lack the verve and vibrancy of a Birmingham but most residents like it that way. Quiet and secluded would be apt.  In the heyday of Sigmund Freud, it was said that a young man lived in Budapest and died in Vienna. That sounds about right for our two communities .For many of us The Baldwin Library will be big time excitement. My wife a “No “vote, who was actually hugged by the office grouch (on that day a Birmingham celebrant ), is now with pencil and paper in hand  trying to figure  out how we can recoup the millage fees in Baldwin Library benefits. Now that’s entertainment!

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