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Sunday, November 6, 2011

November Daylight to Darkness in 15 minutes.

5:35 pm


Daylight Savings Time ended  yesterday.

5:35 pm

Now Darkness is here in the afternoon  

to make it night when it should be day.
For that you got an extra hour of sleep or fun but it is over much too fast
to make it pay.

5:41 pm

The Earth is tilting away from the sun they say. Darkness will dominate until, by state decree, darkness in daytime diminishes by one full hour two months from  may.
For that you lose a hour's sleep which is a fair, in a way.

5:42 pm

5:45 pm
If you drive in those dusky hours which now come earlier now, drive with caution because children play and flashlight dog walking started today.

5:49 pm

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