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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Joan Berndt appointed to Bloomfield Hills School Board at 11/17 Meeting

Thirteen residents inquired about the vacant position. Ten filled out a two page “essay question” application form and were invited to meet with the board. The interviews  were structured and each candidate was asked the same questions. "What would you do if..." or "How do you feel about..." were common queries directed at topics such as academics, government, and economics. Of the first ten, five were invited back for second interviews. The five finalists were Howard Barron Jr. (pictured above left) Joan Berndt (above right), David Fink (not pictured), John Roach (above center) and David Zeigler (not pictured).

For Joan Berndt and John Roach the application process and even the essay  questions on the application were very familiar. In the fall of  2010 Berndt and Roach applied for a school board vacancy  but the appointment went to current board member and Secretary Robert Herner.

Then the board members gave their evaluation of  on the five candidate and stated a favorite which constituted a vote. The order in which those votes were given by board members was Ford, von Oeyen, Bank,Herner, El-Sayed  and Day. That particular order bears no resemblance to seating  position, alphabet, seniority or any other discernible rule of order.For aesthetic reasons  relating to pictures on a page the board members evaluations presented here are also out of order.

Ed Ford. Board Vice President. In a particularly challenging time.Ed appreciates John Roach's regular participation at board meetings. Joan Berndt is one candidate who rises to the top. Ford says she knows the community because she "She lives it." She also represents a predominant part of the community, the Seniors

 Robert Herner. Board Secretary. "I was going through the process a year ago.There is no luxury of time.No time for a learning curve.Howard Barron know the financial and pushes for value based spending, John Roach personifies the community involved contrarian  Joan Berndt is the top choice in all skill sets.A life long educator.Passion for music and arts. Supporter of a comprehensive education

Jacqueline E-Sayed.Phd. Liked Howard Barron and David Fink  but John Roach and Joan Berndt were at the top of the list.Roach a process person vs Berndt an educator.Key that person selected "hits the ground running." Chose the educator. Joan "knows" students.

Mark Bank. John Roach and Joan Berndt  Involved forever. Truly involved. Their knowledge precludes learning curve, Mark said  was stuck and  would like to hear from other board members before making a decision.

Ingrid Day.  Board President. Gave a shout out to candidate Scott Ziegler a special needs teacher. Saluted  the finalists as Howard Barron and David Fink. John Roach  has been consistent. Big on community participation. Will provide board with  a healthy dose of reality.Joan Berndt is Ms. Core values. Wouldn't leave without explaining her core values. Both candidates very good. Defers her opinion to listen to others.
Cynthia von Oeyen. Board Treasurer. Joan Berndt has a passion for learning. Knows the challenges board faces from Lansing.

When a four to zero preference for Joan Berndt became apparent. Board members Bank and Day voted for  her to show unanimous  support for the new board member.

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